• We encourage reflections and actions. We encourage reflections and actions. We encourage access to information, knowledge and actors that are able to see and understand who, where and why needs help, so we can make reactions easier, faster and more efficient.
  • We bring together knowledge, data and information. We bring together knowledge, data and information. There is an abundance of people active in this area. That is why we combine and analyse the results of all our contemplations and actions.
  • We connect. We connect. We are acting in order to get to know one another, present our views and work, and encourage mutual cooperation.
  • We reveal the background. We reveal the background. We highlight problems, ask questions, create a public forum and encourage you to speak up.
  • We gather and disseminate information. We gather and disseminate information. We observe and listen. We take notes, so we can know more and in a better way tomorrow.
  • We enable coordinated action. We enable coordinated action. Based on easier access to content that is collected in one place, we enable action with »one voice«.
  • We observe, so we don't overlook important aspects. We observe, so we don't overlook important aspects. We don't believe in the saying: “What you don't know, won't hurt you.” We lift up the carpet, where the problems are usually swept away.
  • We learn. We learn. We upgrade our knowledge; we learn from best practice cases and encourage interdisciplinary approaches.
  • Conference announcement:8th TRIPLEi Conference Intuition, Imagination and Innovation in Suicidology

    3. 2. 2017 | Mosa | news
    The conference is taking place in the charming seaside town of Piran, Slovenia, on 1st – 2nd June 2017. Students, professionals, scholars, practitioners and others interested in the topic of suicidal behaviours from different fields and different parts of the world are warmly invited to join the conference. več

  • 11th European Public Health Conference, 28 November - 1 December 2018, Slovenia

    30. 1. 2017 | Mosa | news
    11th European Public Health conference entitled Winds of Change: towards new ways of improving public health in Europe will take place in Ljubljana Slovenia and is co-organized by EUPHA – European Public Health Association and National Institute of Public Health, Slovenia. več

  • 7th European Alcohol Policy Conference: Conclusions

    23. 1. 2017 | Mosa | news
    Around 300 participants from more than 25 countries joined the 7th European Alcohol Policy Conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia on 22nd and 23rd November 2016, to work on the theme of Alcohol Policy for Sustainable Development. Health Ministers from Slovenia and Luxembourg and the First Minister of Scotland, the Minister of Public Health from Ireland and the Minister of Education and Sport from Slovenia attended the event. The Ministers and other high-level policy makers, as well as leading academics and key representatives of civil society have shown their firm commitment to evidence-based actions to prevent and reduce alcohol-related harm in Europe. več

  • Current controls on alcohol marketing are not protecting youth

    11. 1. 2017 | Mosa | news
    “Governments are responsible for the health of their citizens. No other legal product with such potential for harm is as widely promoted and advertised in the world as alcohol. These papers provide a wealth of information to support governments in their efforts to protect children and other vulnerable populations from exposure to alcohol marketing.” Thomas Babor, University of Connecticut več

  • A social marketing approach could complement the usual enforcement strategies

    11. 1. 2017 | Mosa | news
    Journal of Social Marketing recently published the paper entitled Midstream social marketing intervention to influence retailers’ compliance with the minimum legal drinking age law authored by Tanja Kamin of the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia and Daša Kokole, No Excuse Slovenia, Ljubljana, Slovenia. več

  • NIJZ: A tool kit for evidence-based good practices in the area of alcohol prevention

    10. 1. 2017 | Mosa | news
    National institute of Public Health Slovenia published a tool kit for evidence-based good practices in the area of alcohol prevention. The title of the new publication is Public awareness, school-based and early interventions to reduce alcohol related harm. več

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